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Urgent medical care for...

  West Seattle

Convenient Care

walk-in urgent care clinic...

an alternative to the emergency room

• Sinus infections, colds, sore throats, fevers, flu and ear aches

• Cuts, sprains, falls, bites, home accidents and injuries

• Bladder infections (UTI), pink eye, asthma, allergies and rashes


Consider the facts: A survey of local hospitals found a surge of emergency room visits occur after the dinner hour. The majority of E.R. visits for children could have been handled outside of an emergency room. Likewise in this economic climate, adults are often not able to miss work for sudden illness. The solution: a walk-in urgent care clinic.

Why spend hours waiting in an emergency room? West Seattle Convenient Care offers an affordable urgent medical care solution to get you back on the road to health right away.


A Better Solution for Urgent Walk-in Care

About Our Clinic

West Seattle Convenient Care was founded by Terrill Harrington, MD, MS, an award-winning, board-certified family physician. Using compassion, attentive listening, experience, broad perspective, and common sense, Dr. Harrington is ready to assist you with your urgent care needs, and get you back on the road to recovery. Read more about Dr. Harrington here.

“This is a great after-hours urgent care solution! When I was injured, I was able to get fast attention. It was so much nicer than spending four hours in the E.R.”

– Molly

When you visit our urgent care clinic, you’ll be asked to provide the name of your primary care physician, so that we can provide them with a record of your visit, and ensure follow-up treatment is performed at your medical home. We very much respect and uphold the relationship you have with your primary care physician.

Respected Relationship With Your Doctor...

Please note: Our after hours clinic does NOT provide routine or preventative care services, such as prescription refills, or annual physical exams (but our day clinic is happy to help you!). Instead, we focus on serving individuals who have a sudden onset of illness or injury, during the hours when their regular doctor’s office is closed. We are here to address basic urgent care issues without the lengthy waiting times and higher cost of an emergency room.

Not sure where to go?  Call us at 206-362-8671.

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