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3623 SW Alaska Street in West Seattle, Washington

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  West Seattle

Convenient Care

walk-in urgent care clinic...

an alternative to the emergency room

• Sinus infections, colds, sore throats, fevers, flu and ear aches

• Cuts, sprains, falls, bites, home accidents and injuries

• Bladder infections (UTI), pink eye, asthma, allergies and rashes


From Betsy B., Seattle, WA:

I can't believe that I've lived three blocks from this clinic and have never seen it. It's a West Seattle GEM! Last night I looked up "urgent care" on Yelp and saw that West Seattle Convenient Care was listed...with great reviews. I stopped by after work (sinus infection) and found out why:

1. Dr. Harrington is awesome, smart, friendly

2. Office staff is helpful, makes you feel like family

3. Accepted my insurance, quick in and out

I had a wonderful experience. I still intend on going to my regular doctor but, let's face it, it's hard to get in for those little things like infections and sore throats. I would think that WS Convenient Care would be wonderful for parents in the area!

From Gabriel C., Seattle, WA:

Dr. Harrington has taken care of me and my family for years now and we trust him with our lives (literally!), but getting to the clinic during regular hours has sometimes been difficult.  This has all changed since he opened the Urgent Care clinic.  

I have two young children and we have had to use the night clinic at least 4 times in the last year.  Taking a three year old with pneumonia to the doctor is super hard and scary, but it worked out just fine.  It was quite busy but we were in and out within an hour and Dr. Harrington's manner with children is always amazing.  She was so polite (my little girl) it was funny.  She couldn't stop coughing, but she apologized to him every time she didn't cover her mouth.  

He got her medicine and it cleared up with in a week.  His office called to check up on us about half way. The service is wonderful and this is a HUGE addition to the community.  Thank you Dr. T!!!

From Christine W., Seattle, WA:

I just (as in 20 minutes ago) had the MOST amazing experience with Dr. Harrington at West Seattle Convenient Care!

I had a nose bleed for two days straight and my regular doctor couldn't see me until tomorrow. I was trying to suffer through the misery, but when I started to get shaky, I decided to walk the half a block to urgent care.

I could tell they were getting ready to close and was preparing to get turned away (which has happened to me at other urgent care facilities), but Colleen at the front desk took great care of me. She got me water and LOTS of tissues, she offered to  help me fill out my paperwork and she listened as I explained the extra long version of what happened.

Dr. Harrington saw me within TEN minutes of my arrival which is unheard of at any clinic I have ever been to even if I have had an appointment, but let's remember, this is a walk-in clinic- TEN MINUTES, FOLKS. Soooooo fast. Dr. Harrington asked good questions and really worked to understand what had happened. Then, he led me to the procedure room and cauterized both nostrils. Finally I had relief from the non-stop nose bleed!!!!!

He wrote me a prescription for the underlying cause and gave me some samples of an ointment to use in my nose. Dr. Harrington even encouraged me to take my anti-anxiety medicine tonight to help me relax! What a thoughtful man. On top of everything, he asked me to come back for a follow-up tomorrow evening FREE of charge.

I will venture to say that this was hands down the BEST experience I have ever seen with urgent care or emergency medicine for me or any of my family members! What a wonderful feeling to know that good medical care is less than a block away.

From Jane W., Sonora, CA:

What a great experience.  If you have to get medical attention while in the Seattle area this is the place to go! I'm here on vacation and get what I hope is just a cold. I Google "urgent care" facilities and the reviews for Dr. Harrington are great. A 15 minute ride and we're in front of this cute little clinic, open until 9 PM weeknights. Spotlessly clean, prompt, and oh so personable.  Colleen was great at getting my paperwork together.  Dr. was amazing!  Did all the right things, listened to my chest, looked down the throat, in the ears, up the nose...yep just a cold.  Off to the pharmacy for cold mess and soup (guess what they say about Grandma's chicken soup works.  Dr. even gave us some pointers about places to eat and visit while we're in his town.  Thank you to the doctor and staff.

From Rachael B., Seattle, WA:

Super friendly, caring,  comfortable, low cost.

My husband’s feet were crushed by a big log, with no insurance.

At the front desk, Coleen is really nice and sweet.

Dr. Harrington really cares about the patient and explains in what the body is doing, why it’s doing and what needs to happen to get better.

They are genuinely caring and I am greatly appreciative of them.

From Jo B., Seattle, WA:

Wonderful doctor and staff. Went out of their way to help my son when he cut his thumb in a kitchen accident. Even stayed after hours. Would definitely go there again!

From Anthony B., Seattle WA:

The other night at 8pm I fell and had a huge goose egg on the back of my head and my lower back.  I needed emergency care, but knew I would sit for hours in an ER. I went to Dr Harrington, who is open until 9pm, and he evaluated me and helped me get the care I needed without having to go downtown to an ER.  

He was very knowledgeable, and had trauma experience, which was very comforting.  I am so thankful to have a great doctor like Dr H here in West Seattle. providing reasonably priced walk-in care after-hours.  I highly recommend you keep their number on your fridge because you will never know when you need it.  He is also very friendly and makes you feel welcomed, even at 8:45pm.

I was so impressed with the level of care I received,and his practice overall, that I would switch to Dr Harrington as my regular doctor; however, my current primary care doc is more convenient as it is closer to my work.

From Anna C., Seattle WA:

Great place. Went here tonight for an ear infection b/c my regular doc's office couldn't fit me in today. Reception was very nice, office is very clean and nicely finished, the doctor was very nice and I got in and out fairly quick even though the waiting room was busy.

From Emily G., Seattle, WA:

We were dealing with a second-degree burn that happened after 6pm, meaning every urgent care clinic in our immediate area was closed. I didn't want to wait hours at the ER, so I found Convenient Care online and decided to risk it even though it was in West Seattle. Excellent decision, as it turns out!

The receptionist was lovely and welcoming from the moment we walked in. We filled out paperwork and were taken back immediately, and had to wait all of five minutes before Dr. Harrington came in. He was friendly and knowledgeable and we were on our way with the necessary prescriptions.

So much cheaper, easier, faster and friendlier than an ER trip would have been!

From Blake B., Seattle, WA:

I had an minor accident on a motorcycle and cut up my elbow pretty bad on the asphalt.  There was a deep (and I mean DEEP) hole in my elbow and I nearly fainted when I saw it.  I put off going to a doctor until I got a good look at it, but by that time it was after 8 pm and I didn't know where to go.  I didn't have health insurance and know how bad ER fees are.  I found West Seattle Convenient Care and called them.  They assured me if I got there before 9 they would see me, and it would be for a flat fee.

I had never had stitches before, and Dr. Harrington was caring and thorough about cleaning out my wound and getting it stitched up.  He provided me with antibiotics, gauze and tape for my elbow and sent me off with a prescription for pain.  After the initial visit he saw me 3 more times to check up on how I was doing, and didn't charge me for any of them.

His receptionist was always warm and kind to me as well, very welcoming.

I would recommend him to anyone (especially ones without insurance), and promised to make him my primary physician next time I need one.

From William H., Seattle, WA:

This place is very professional and courteous! I called late this evening and the receptionist was very helpful. My wife got bitten by something last night on her eye lid. Upon arriving we were made right at home and seen within 15 minutes.  Dr Harrington was very thorough and professional. Simply walk in from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday; no appointment is necessary, and we don't have insurance as I just started a new job.  The cost was very reasonable and I will definitely be keeping there number handy as you never know what health issues can arise after your primary care physician's office has closed.  Thanks again West Seattle Convenient Care!

From Kristin M., Seattle, WA:

Dr. Harrington is so great. I have had bad experiences with doctors in the past. I don't like going, I'd rather deal with the pain, etc.

I was in almost unbearable pain from my shoulder hurting. I went into urgent care last Sunday to the only place I could find open. The doctor didn't say much, took some x-rays and gave me some pain pills. The pain pills made me nauseous and nothing changed. When I called to get a different pain medication, no one bothered to call me back.

Dr. Harrington was exactly what I love in a doctor. He was very approachable. Asked great questions. Owns the clinic and really takes an interest in you as a person. He took the time to explain EVERYTHING. And the why behind it all. LOVED it. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. He really knows his stuff.

From Elise K., Seattle, WA:

What a find! I don't have a regular doctor, as I rarely need to see one, so it's always a bit stressful wondering where to go. You can't get in for days or weeks to a specialist, and some walk-in clinics are a little scary. Dr. Harrington got me in the day I called and during normal business hours. He's professional and down to earth, and even gave me sample meds to save me prescription costs. I just found myself a doctor!

From Ingrid M., Seattle, WA:

After a dog bite on a Saturday afternoon, I called around to find an urgent care place that could see me.  No one was open or they only saw existing patients.  Dr. Harrington took my call and invited me in for look, even though he was within 15 minutes of closing up shop for the day.  I've never met a doctor willing to cut into his after hours time to treat a person who's not their existing patient.  But Dr. Harrington did a great job, AND he has one of the only practices I've found that can treat a person on the weekends.

From William B., Seattle, WA:

If you need a doctor on short notice, you won't find better than Dr Harrington. The convenience of reliable medical care in West Seattle? Yup. This is best health care experience I've had in years.

After dinner on a weeknight I managed a pretty ugly cut on my hand trying to salvage a not-so-friendly washing machine. The idea of having my wife & 3yr old son sit and wait for hours in the ER was no joy. But I rely on my hands for this computer stuff and knew some stitching would be needed.

Instead of packing the car for a night on pill hill my wife checked online for urgent care and found West Seattle Convenient Care. Our call was answered (literally - by the doctor himself!) and we were there in no time.

Dr Harrington has a clean, comfortable office right near the Junction. Parking is no problem. After a quick check-in I was getting help from a friendly capable physician. Dr Harrington was able to diagnose the severity of the cut right away and made me feel at ease (and not a small bit lucky) that I had no tendon or nerve damage.

I was also pleased to have Dr Harrington offer to follow-up as well as provide detailed instructions for care. I'm not accident prone but West Seattle Convenient Care is now on my "In Case Of Emergency" call list.

From Sofia G., Seattle, WA:

I found myself in need of urgent care last night when I got off work and was fairly certain that I had strep throat. Since I work at an elementary school, it is important that I get diagnosed and treated quickly, not only so I don't infect the children, but also so that I may minimize the number of days I have to stay home. Initially I was very frustrated and my inability to find after hours care, outside of the ER. I knew I needed to find out and start treatment last night, but I was reluctant to spend the hours and the money necessary to sit in the ER waiting to find out about strep. My mom actually found out about West Seattle Convenient Care and sent me their address in an e-mail. Even though I live by Greenlake their location is very convenient since its right off 99, the receptionist even gave me superb directions when I called to make sure it was ok to walk-in.

When I arrived I just had to fill out some simple forms and then I was quickly taken to an examination room. Dr. Harrington was quick, efficient and friendly. He wrote me a prescription and a note to take to work (something I forgot I might need!). The clinic was very nice, comfortable and clean - they even offered me a bottle of water when I arrived! I loved the entire experience, despite the pain I was in due to the strep. I am so grateful that Dr. Harrington keeps his clinic open for walk-in, evening visits. I am a recent college graduate working two jobs while I try and figure out what I want to go back to graduate school for, needless to say I am unwilling to take time of work and appalled at how difficult it is to find competent, affordable care after normal working hours! I have had many friends also complain about their inability to go to work and to take care of their health. From now on I will refer them all to West Seattle Convenient Care!


We’re Proud of Our Urgent Care Patient Testimonials...

From Jen F., Seattle, WA

This is a GREAT clinic! Very cozy and homey feeling, not sterile like many of the chain walk in clinics out there.

When I walked in, the gal at the desk immediately greeted me and was very friendly and welcoming. The waiting area is small but clean, with lots of magazines to choose from while waiting. The office fits with the feel of West Seattle that I love... small town vibe in a big city.

I was the only person in the waiting room and was able to see the doctor almost immediately. Dr. Harrington is amazing; very soft spoken, caring, and efficient in getting you in and out without feeling like he was rushing through the appointment/visit.

Everyone I encountered in that office was friendly, helpful and kind. You don't find that very often anymore, anywhere.

I feel so fortunate to have this clinic in West Seattle and would definitely go here first for any evening urgent care. Possibly also for regular appointments!

Highly recommended!

From Josh S., Seattle, WA:

This place is incredible!  the BEST care I have ever received. The doctor is genuinely care about the patients well being and talk to you logically and kindly. They are the ONLY doctor I go to now.

From Parker M., Seattle, WA:

I had an infection that I thought was potentially serious. Not wanting to wait for hours at an ER, I decided to give this place a try. Dr. Harrington and the staff were able to get me in quickly, which I certainly appreciated, and were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely go back in the future if anything else comes up!

From Simon L., Seattle, WA:

I hate all capital letters.  So you know I really mean it when I use them myself: READ ALL THE FILTERED REVIEWS ON YELP PLEASE!

Yelp filters the reviews which they think are inappropriate.  I don't know the exact algorithm.  But if the reviewer only has a few reviews, no friend and gives 5 star, the review will most likely be filtered.  

Unfortunately, a lot of Dr Harrington's reviews fall into this category.  People are just so impressed with the experience that they feel that they have to write a review even though they've never written one before.  I actually started writing more Yelp reviews just so that this one won't be filtered.

My two-year old daughter got a high fever on a weekday night.  By the time I decided to take her to see a doctor, it was already 8:45 pm.  I gave West Seattle Convenient Care a call without much expectation because I know they close at 9 pm.  To my surprise, the lady in the office was very nice and told me to just come as soon as I could.  So we got there at probably around 9.  What happened next was so impressive that it's hard for me to express.  Since I'm a software engineer, I'll put them in bullet points.

* I forgot the insurance card.  They didn't care, didn't charge me and just told me to bring the card the next day.

* Parents all know how hard it is to take a grumpy kid's temperature.  Not at this place.  Dr Harrington used one of those adhesive body temperature strip.  It sticks under the kid's arm and works like magic.

* My daughter's temperature was 102.  Dr Harrington showed us the ancient yet super effective way of bringing down the fever: wipe the kid with a damp cloth.  Within minutes, my daughter was smiling!

* Since that night, I took my daughter to see Dr Harrington on other two occasions.  Every time she went in grumpy and miserable and left smiling holding the sticker that Dr Harrington gave her.

This place and Dr Harrington is amazing!  I'll recommend it not only as a urgent care but also primary care.

From Ann K., Seattle, WA:

I was very pleased with the care I received.  The receptionist was friendly as were the nurses.  Everyone working there seems very caring and makes you feel comfortable. Great selection of magazines while waiting. They are renovating. I was impressed with the room I was examined in.  So clean and stylish.  They even offered me a bottle of cold water while waiting in the examination room.  The nurse was lovely and then the doctor came in with a warm smile.  He seems to really love what he does, has a great bedside manner and is really interested in his patients.  Most important is that he is a good diagnostician and seems quite knowledgable.

From Calyn M., Seattle, WA:

I woke up with a fever yesterday; I knew my stuffy nose had progressed to a sinus infection (which happens a few times a year). I called my regular doc & was told no same-day appointments were available. But, since I only get 1 sick day a month, I needed to get to the doc pronto. I found out about W Seattle Convenient Care through Yelp, called them, and got in about 10 minutes after I arrived. Dr. Harrington was kind & professional, offered me some long-term strategies for my sinus problems, and had me out of the clinic in under 30 minutes total (including paperwork).  If you have a health issue that requires after hours care, head to this urgent care clinic instead of the ER. Your wallet and your health will thank you for it.

From Lori K., Seattle WA:

Choosing a doctor can be a daunting and difficult task when searching for someone that understands your medical needs and goals. Luckily for me, I was able to experience the services of My Family Doctor Clinic and West Seattle Convenient Care (after hours urgent care). These two clinics are under the umbrella of Dr. Harrington.

Last week, I became horribly sick with the flu and Dr. Harrington took my last minute call at 8pm even though he was closing. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and probably would have ended up in the emergency room had I not been able to see him.

I have utilized the services of My Family Doctor Clinic three times now and from my personal experiences, Dr. Harrington and his staff are extremely compassionate and very concerned about making patients feel better.  They are professional, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about health and wellbeing. Dr. Harrington takes the time out to explain in detail sound medical advice. He is truly amazing! I have decided to make him my primary care physician.

Thank you for making life just a bit easier.

From Claudia B., Seattle WA:

I am an international student here in Seattle from Ontario Canada. I've been here for almost two years and never had an accident that deemed worthy for a clinical visit. However, that changed when doing the dishes last Monday. I gashed my hand open pretty badly which resulted in a lot of blood -everywhere-. Quickly I looked up clinics that were opened in the evening and I took the first one we found that was nearest to us.

Upon arriving with my boyfriend and filling out the forms needed I soon found myself becoming very relaxed in the calming atmosphere of the clinic. My boyfriend and I were greeted with warm smiles and helping bodies for such a small establishment. Walking through I was even greeted by other workers who wouldn't be dealing with me directly, which I found amazingly kind.

These were my first stitches in my 22 years of life and I couldn't be any more thrilled to have chosen the location that I did. Dr. Harrington offered humor to calm my nerves which was greatly appreciated!

Their prices were -amazing- considering my status within the country and I had no quarrel or issue with it either. Upon my return to have my stitches removed I was surprised and amazed even more that when I returned I was recognized after only one visit. The receptionist (whose name escapes me at the time, sorry! How ironic!) Remembered my last name!

I felt very welcomed once again and felt like my being there mattered to them. That I wasn't just a customer, I was someone they legitimately recognized and cared for in a sense. The procedure was painless and entertaining for the severity of the wound.

I recommend anyone who is in the West Seattle area to pay a visit to this clinic. I -guarantee- that you won't be disappointed if you're looking for a warm, welcoming, and easy going clinic with a calming atmosphere and with persons who greet you kindly and who will remember who you are. To me as a customer; all those qualities are important in a business.

From AudryRose L., King, WA:

It's difficult as a working parent to sometimes get away to get medical care.  I looked in the list of authorized medical providers my insurance provided me.  I called around to several places and found that West Seattle Clinic offered a walk in service from 6-9 pm M-Th!  I walked in, was processed in right away and was seen by Dr. Harrington, who also provided me with a doctor's note.   After hours care in Seattle in hard to come by, which is probably why the ERs are overcrowded and the under-resourced.

From First L., Seattle, WA:

So glad to have Dr. Harrington open for late night visits! My husband needed to have a few stitches put in his hand last week and West Seattle Convenient Care completely saved us from a costly and time consuming trip to the ER. He was fixed up in no time. This clinic is terrific for late night urgent care in West Seattle!

From Mia V., Seattle, WA:

Tonight, my husband and children were sitting at the dinner table when my 2 yr old daughter, who's had a cold for about a week, started coughing and choking on her food many times in a row.  Although we've seen a lot of cold symptoms run through our house, this one didn't seem normal.  So, instead of wondering and pacing and thinking of what the night's sleep ahead might be like, we promptly called West Seattle Convenient Care and spoke with a lovely and personable receptionist who told us the wait time in the office and to come right away as we could be the next ones in. 

Dr. Harrington is our family doctor and we adore him and all he has done for our family's health in the recent years.  Now, with his after-hours clinic, we are blessed - what a community service! 

My daughter and I had no wait and went right into the exam room.  We were there for about 5 minutes before Dr. Harrington came in.  Per usual, he was friendly, patient, calm, easy to talk with, knowledgable, a good listener, and completely wonderful with my little girl.  He put her at ease immediately with his ready smile and fancy lighted ring and continued to engage her in conversation throughout the visit while also showing her what he was going to do before he did it.  Dr. Harrington is a good man with a huge heart; he also happens to be a superb doctor with immense book knowledge and practical application.  We were in and out of the office in 30 minutes and completely satisfied with the healthcare offered. 

Thank you, Dr. Harrington, for meeting the needs of the West Seattle community.  Your after-hours clinic is a beacon of compassionate, reliable, and expert health care service.

From Justin B., Seattle, WA:

So Saturday i was covered in poison oak and told by another walk in clinic they were not taking new patients. I found this clinic online and drove over without calling. Kinda dumb I know, but I was desperate at the time. It ended up being a great decision. As i walked in the staff explained the walk in clinic was only during the week, but asked what was bothering me. I explained and they were more than willing to help me out. The doctor was as nice and personable as he could be. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Being new to the area it was great to have such a positive experience. I would definitely refer their services to anyone who asked. The whole experience was easy and enjoyable (other than the poison oak), but i have faith that will clear soon. Thank you to the wonderful services of Dr. Harrington and his staff.

From Ada M., Seattle, WA:

Just found out about the new after-hours urgent care clinic in West Seattle.  It's a walk-in clinic open to anyone.  I injured myself in the evening and though I really needed to see a doctor, I didn't think I needed to go to the emergency room.  This worked out perfectly.  Dr. Harrington is fabulous!

From J.K., Seattle, WA:

I am so glad to have found this clinic. Many times I've looked for after hours medical care in Seattle and the options are non-existent it seems, except for one that stays open until six, which doesn't work for me.

My friend had some disturbing symptoms of an infection but couldn't take the time off work to get himself checked out. He didn't want to pay for an emergency room visit, sit in a lobby potentially contaminated with swine flu and Lord knows what else, or wait for hours because his affliction wasn't necessarily life-threatening.

I discovered West Seattle Convenient Care through a google search which led me to West Seattle Blog and was thrilled to fine that they were open Monday-Thursday from 6-9pm and do not require that you set up an appointment beforehand. You can just walk right in!

My friend was seen after a very short wait, was diagnosed immediately upon inspection by Doctor Harrington, was treated right there in his office and given a prescription for antibiotics which he was able to fill right up the street at the QFC pharmacy. My friend does not like going to the doctor and was very happy with his experience and thought the doctor was "cool" and a great guy.

Also the front desk lady was very friendly and incredibly helpful. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.

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